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Hello and welcome to my professional blog. In this blog, I will mostly write about writing, editing, publishing, slush reading and the calls for submission I am making or responding to. There will be writer advice based on whatever lesson I am relearning, interview links for current projects and random bits that relate to writing in some emotional or technical way. I have no filters and make liberal use of the tag system.

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My personal blog, gaaneden, is where I talk about my husband, my cats, my gaming and other randomness of everyday life. It is a lot less structured and a lot more fluff. Feel free to add my personal LJ as well.

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WITNESS ME! I have typed "THE END" on BattleTech: Ghost Hour! I have emailed it to my editor. I am done with Rogue Academy, Book 2! (Until the editor edits come back to me.)

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Today is a big anniversary for me. 13 years ago today, I officially became a full-time author and editor. I wanted to see if I could do it and make a career out of it. 15+ novels/novellas and 16+ edited anthologies later... yeah. I think I'm getting the hang of this.