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[sticky post] Welcome to My Blog

Hello and welcome to my professional blog. In this blog, I will mostly write about writing, editing, publishing, slush reading and the calls for submission I am making or responding to. There will be writer advice based on whatever lesson I am relearning, interview links for current projects and random bits that relate to writing in some emotional or technical way. I have no filters and make liberal use of the tag system.

See my profile for my event appearances, book covers, bio and other such things.

My personal blog, gaaneden, is where I talk about my husband, my cats, my gaming and other randomness of everyday life. It is a lot less structured and a lot more fluff. Feel free to add my personal LJ as well.

Mar. 14th, 2019

Episode 3 of the @DireMultiverse #podcast is up and running. Things are getting more and more curious.


Blog: Rainforest Writers Inspirational Award. I’m so chuffed to win this award. It was so unexpected. One of my goals is to help and inspire other writers. To be awarded this by my peers is icing on the cake.
Blog: 10 Year Update of My Will. Yesterday, I adulted like a boss. The Husband and I met with a lawyer to update our Living Trust and the accompanying documents. It’s been 10 years and it was time. Boy, was it time.

Feb. 19th, 2019

Blog: SFWA Mentoring Lessons. Sometimes it's only after you've given someone advice that you realize it was exactly what you needed to hear, too.
Blog: Declutter Monday for 11 Feb 2019. Wherein I suddenly find myself in Declutter Interruptus as Decluttering the House, Round One comes to an unexpected end.
Blog: Is X, Y, or Z a Scam? Let me show you how I figure out the answer to this question.
Blog: Declutter Monday for 4 Feb 2019. Snow day thus the Husband helped me with the kitchen and I learned a whole new set of things.
Blog: A Month of Decluttering. I've been at this for a month now. I have thoughts. Plus, bonus picture of Leeloo. Just because.
I have my once-a-month "Ask Jennifer" up on Curious Fictions for my subscribers. Today's post is all about my cats.