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Reviews of Apex April 2010

Wow. It is rare that I get a "hate" and a "love" review of the same thing on the same day. But that is what happens in the writing industry. Here are two diameterically opposed reviews of Apex Magazine's April 2010 companion issue to Close Encounters of the Urban Kind. These are not about the anthology itself.

HATE: Locus' review. An Urban Legends issue, with aliens, companion to the anthology Close Encounters of the Urban Kind and guest-edited by the anthology’s editor. I hope the quality of the anthology is better.

LOVE: BookLove's review. Overall it’s a fun issue, like a twisted fairy tales theme, only with urban legends instead. A little cheesy (like the legends themselves) but well done and definitely entertaining.


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Apr. 30th, 2010 02:40 am (UTC)
This post should be obligatory reading for any wannabe author or editor. A four sentence summary of life in literary circles!
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