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Two Excellent Things

First, my friend and I get to leave the hospital today. Soon. As in, by noon. I'm very happy. Serious. So is my friend.

Second, I got the best email from an editor. I turned in my stories for Colonial Gothic last week and this is what Richard told me this morning: "Good morning! Ok, I read the stories three times during the week, and each time I read them, I loved them even more. :) Seriously. You hit the nail on the head with them, and I happy to tell you, they are accepted. :) I will put the check in the mail on Monday. When I have the editors start editing, I will send you the red lines for your perusal. Honestly, great job. I am pleased as punch with them. :)"

Yes! I even made the "goal" victory sign when I read this. This is the exact response I'm looking for when I turn work in on commissioned projects. It's even better to be immediately paid for the work.

Colonial Gothic, 2nd Edition, will be out in July 2009



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Nov. 8th, 2008 06:17 pm (UTC)
Good to hear! Congratulations!
Nov. 8th, 2008 08:08 pm (UTC)
An ecstatic editor is great.

News that your best friend is getting out of the hospital is even better.

Today is full of win for both of you. I'm really glad she's doing so well.
(Deleted comment)
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