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GenCon Schedule

GenCon Schedule
The Writer Symposium panels are all in the Hyatt Hotel. If I'm not in a panel, I am probably at my table in Authors Avenue.

Aug 5 – Thursday
12 Noon, Vision: Reading—Jennifer Brozek
1pm, Studio 1: Breaking into RPG Writing
3pm, Vision: Writing and Editing for Online Publication

Aug 6 – Friday
1pm, Studio 2: Pick My Brain—Jennifer Brozek

Aug 7 – Saturday
10am, Studio 2: Pick my Brain—Jennifer Brozek
11am, Studio 1: Bottom's Up
1pm, Vision: How to Make a Living as a Writer
2pm, Studio 1: Beating the Clock
7pm, Studio 1: Read and Critique

Aug 8 – Sunday
9am, Vision: Digital Resources
11am, Studio 1: Crossing Lines

Aug 5 – Thursday, 12 Noon
Reading—John Helfers, Jennifer Brozek

Have a mind-expanding picnic! Bring your lunch and listen to John Helfers and Jennifer Brozek wax eloquent by reading from some of their most recent works.

Aug 5 – Thursday, 1pm
Breaking into RPG Writing - Jennifer Brozek, Bob Farnsworth, Marc Tassin

Breaking into RPG Writing: Gen Con is the perfect spot to troll for freelance work in the RPG industry. Our veteran RPG authors provide tips for landing assignments, market suggestions, and how tell you how to make your manuscript catch a game company's attention.

Aug 5 – Thursday, 3pm
Writing and Editing for Online Publication - Jennifer Brozek, Monica Valentinelli

There's a difference in on-line versus paper markets . . . how to write for them, how to submit, how to find the best publications and rates out there. Join our panelists for a look at the digital marketplace.

Aug 6 – Friday, 1pm
Pick My Brain—Jennifer Brozek

She's written fiction and game material for enough years to be called a veteran! Jennifer Brozek is ready to offer advice on both writing fields, discuss her experiences working with Margaret Weis, and answer questions that aren't from the fields of physics or nuclear medicine.

Aug 7 – Saturday, 10am
Pick my Brain—Jennifer Brozek

Jennifer is a full-time, stay-at-home, type-her-fingers-to-the-bones writer. Versed in game writing and fiction, and emerging as an editor, she's been around more blocks than you can walk a young greyhound! You'd do well to come pick-her-brain about the writing life.

Aug 7 – Saturday, 11am
Bottom's Up - Daniel Myers, Sabrina Klein, Jennifer Brozek, Linda Baker

Is your hero always sober? Does your villain have a drinking problem? When is it appropriate to use alcohol in literature to set a scene, advance the plot, or add some color to your characters? Our panelists look at drinking . . . and not just the intoxicating stuff. We'll delve into medieval drinks and futuristic concoctions and discuss reference material to sate your characters' thirsts and wet your readers' whistles.

Aug 7 – Saturday, 1pm
How to Make a Living as a Writer - Richard Lee Byers, Jennifer Brozek, Jean Rabe, Matt Forbeck

Many writers dream of doing this full-time . . . writing as a “day job.” Indeed, you can make a living as a writer, even if you don't hit the bestseller lists and find your pot of gold. We'll look at short-term and long-term goals, non-fiction markets that can help pay the bills, and various things you can do to make this a reality.

Aug 7 – Saturday, 2pm
Beating the Clock - Gregory Wilson, Donald Bingle, Anton Strout, Jennifer Brozek

How long should you spend on a short story? A novel? How can you set schedules, work with a calendar, and attain goals of so many words-per-day? Learn how to cope with unexpected crises, short rewrite deadlines, and heavy criticism. Develop the skills necessary to write no matter what else is going on around you.

Aug 7 – Saturday, 7pm
Read and Critique: Donald Bingle, John Helfers, Jennifer Brozek:
Have your prose critiqued by professionals. Presenters will have three to five minutes to read their material. They will receive verbal critiques based on the “critique sandwich” method. Attendance is limited to those being critiqued, pre-registration is required.

Aug 8 – Sunday, 9am
Digital Resources - Jennifer Brozek, Steven Saus, Gregory Wilson, Jean Rabe

There's no doubt the Internet is a great writing tool. But if you spend too much time hooked to it, you won't have time to write. We'll show you what resources are worth using, what you should stay away from, and how to avoid Internet addiction. We'll also look at web pages, blogs, Twitter, and various writer-help sites.

Aug 8 – Sunday, 11am
Crossing Lines - John Helfers, Sabrina Klein, Jennifer Brozek, Kerrie Hughes

Dwarven vampires, space-faring elves, undead detectives, rap artists in King Arthur's court. Are there lines and genres that shouldn't be crossed in fiction? If you do cross lines, how many can you tackle? How many genres can you blend before your reader gets too confused and gives up? What combinations are natural? What combinations should be avoided? Are there rules to follow? And what rules should you break?


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Jul. 22nd, 2010 03:47 pm (UTC)
Wow! You're going to be busy. Have a good time. :)
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