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GenCon and Books

You all know I'm going to GenCon and that I'm part of the Writer's Symposium with the short version of my panels below. Some of you even know that I have a table in Authors Avenue behind the cashier and across from the art show (this is a great location, trust me). What you all don't know are which books I will be bring to sell. So, I thought I'd list them for your edification.

Close Encounters of the Urban Kind – The Apex Publications anthology I edited that is getting good reviews. I will also be handing out coupons for the Apex Publications store.

Grants Pass – The award winning Morrigan Book anthology I co-edited. If this book doesn't come in on time, like last year, I will take orders and mail out the book.

In a Gilded Light – My dark speculative fiction collection published by Dark Quest Books. Lots of good reviews and the most common comment about it is that they love it but they also had nightmares while reading it.

The Little Finance Book That Could – My non-fiction finance book published by Book Shaker. Yes, I know it's a gaming convention but gamers need to learn how to do their finances, too.

Stalking the Wild Hare – The 2010 GenCon only collectors' anthology by Walkabout Publishing. This hardcover book has stories from most of the GenCon Writer Symposium authors. This is a rare and awesome anthology.


GenCon Schedule
The Writer Symposium panels are all in the Hyatt Hotel. If I'm not in a panel, I am probably at my table in Author's Avenue.

Aug 5 – Thursday
12 Noon, Vision: Reading—Jennifer Brozek
1pm, Studio 1: Breaking into RPG Writing
3pm, Vision: Writing and Editing for Online Publication

Aug 6 – Friday
1pm, Studio 2: Pick My Brain—Jennifer Brozek

Aug 7 – Saturday
10am, Studio 2: Pick my Brain—Jennifer Brozek
11am, Studio 1: Bottom's Up
1pm, Vision: How to Make a Living as a Writer
2pm, Studio 1: Beating the Clock
7pm, Studio 1: Read and Critique

Aug 8 – Sunday
9am, Vision: Digital Resources
11am, Studio 1: Crossing Lines

Descriptions of the panels are here.