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AussieCon 4 / WorldCon Schedule

Compared to my friends going to AussieCon 4, I have almost no schedule at all. That means I will be showing up at other panels or finding the local BarCon going on. Otherwise, come find me or make plans to meet up with me. I'm looking at you amandapillar and chuckmck1.

Sat Sept 4th, 9am, TBA, SFWA meeting

* Sun Sept 5th, 1100 Rm 207: Reading
I don't know for sure what I will be reading. I think it will be on flash and one longer published piece. Maybe something from GRANTS PASS and IN A GILDED LIGHT or STALKING THE WILD HARE.
Jennifer Brozek

Sun Sept 5th, 6pm-7:45pm, Venue: Room 201: Pre-Hugo Awards Function, 8pm+ Hugos.

* Mon, Sept 6th, 1200 Rm 211: RPGs, storytelling, and authorship;
We know Dungeons and Dragons is a game, but is it art? An examination of the storytelling process behind role-playing games—part creative writing, part performance, and almost entirely disregarded as an artistic work. If it is some kind of cross between the written and performing arts, what can GMs and players learn from those disciplines to make their games even stronger?
Will Elliott, Bob Kuhn, Howard Tayler, Jennifer Brozek

If you are going to WorldCon, let me know so I can look for you.