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If you go over to DrivethruRPG, you can find the newest adventure kit for Maschine Zeit. They call it “The Serpent and the Space Station.” There’s a little voodoo, a lot of zombies, and all the stuff you love in Maschine Zeit. George Cotronis did the cover art. Bart Bechtel did the writing.

The basic premise is, the characters are sent to a hydroponics/biology lab, where there shouldn’t be any survivors. There are some. Those survivors are embroiled in a disturbing feud, as one of them has taken to commanding the possessed bodies of the Cataclysm victims. It’s 27 pages, with sixteen scene seeds and enough material to play the adventure a few times without any recycling. Besides, with the improvisational nature of Maschine Zeit, no two instances of any adventure are going to be alike.

Check it out.