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Trying to Catch Up.

I am trying to catch up on work and recover from jet lag at the same time. It is not going as fast I'd like. Two weeks in Australia and New Zealand have left me with a lot of news and such. Here's some of what I know about:

Editor Bits
* Ascension by Martin Livings from my anthology GRANTS PASS has been chosen for Mirrordanse Books's Year's Best Australian SF and Fantasy, 2008/2009 edition

* Luminations by Rick Silva has been nominated in the "Best Non Comics Work" category for the Comic Book Artist Guild Awards, which the group give out at the New York Comic Con October 8-10 2010. Luminations is up for the award because it recognizes work done in 2009. This is part of my The Edge of Propinquity imprint.

* Review of Close Encounter of the Urban Kind - Mostly liked. Technically this was done today and not while I was gone but this is a good place to put it.

Author Bits
* Shanghai Vampocalypse was released. This is a Savage Worlds Demi-God RPG book blending cyberpunk, ancient martial arts and nanotech vampires.

* Received (and have now signed) contracts for three more Colonial Gothic settings.

* Received information and an invite to do some more non-fiction writing for Rogue Blades Entertainment.

* Was invited to write a non-fiction essay on Lovecraft.

* Received a mass of interview questions for an upcoming thing.

* Sold the reprint of A Bite to Remember to The Zombie Feed which published today.

There will be travel war stories and pictures. I promise. It just may take me a couple of weeks due to work that is due to various editors.


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Sep. 15th, 2010 11:29 pm (UTC)
Thanks for mentioning and linking to my attempt at reviewing CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE URBAN KIND!
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