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Wanted: Two Apex Publishing Interns

In the summer, I advertised for an editorial intern and ended up taking on three as a pool to switch out through my many anthology projects. Now that I've been promoted to assistant editor over at Apex Publications, one of my many duties is to work with the marketing director to assist in marketing and PR. To that end, I need to take on two new publishing interns.

I will be accepting one intern from the US and one from abroad. I must stress, despite the fun of working with me and other people within Apex Publications, this is a WORKING internship. You will have weekly tasks and I will expect better answers than, "I don't know" or "It's not done, yet."

Tasks for these internships will include:

• Calling and emailing libraries and indie bookstores to talk about the newest releases.
• Monthly or bi-monthly blog posts.
• Working with the Apex-Buzz team leader.
• Participating in and/or running monthly #apexchats
• Keeping on top of awards and award submission periods
• Learning how to and writing press releases to submit to newspapers and magazines.
• Assisting Apex authors and editors with readings, book releases and conventions—as time and location permit.
• Coming up with new and effective marketing campaigns, contests and other fun things to bring traffic and sales to Apex Publication.
• Monthly Skype calls (mic required, webcam not).
• Regular and timely responses to email/IM/etc…
• Anything else Jason, Sarah or I can think of.

If you are interested in one of these two positions, please email the following to gaaneden at gmail dot com by 21 Dec 2010. I would be your direct boss.

Subject header should read: Apex Intern App: [Name]

What social networks you are on:
Skype name (requirement):
Short Explanation of why you should get this internship:
Attach your CV if relevant.

As this is an internship, this is not a paid position. However, you will have full access to me and my thoughts on writing, editing, publishing, RPGs, etc. I am happy to mentor as much as I can. Also, Apex Publishing is happy to ply working interns with hardcopy and e-versions of their books and e-versions of their magazine.