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Settling In and Hunkering Down

Now that I'm back from the Rainforest and a lot of my travel is done for two months, it is time for me to settle in for some long term projects. I've been looking forward to this for a while. First up is the Shadeside novella, The Lady of Seeking in the City of Waiting. I will start that in the next couple of days and hunker down on it until it is done.

Next up is the Battletech web serial. Currently called The Nestor Incident, I'm sure that name is going to change. That is going to fill in everything between May and August. It is about double the length of the Shadeside novella.

While those two long term projects are going on, I have to finish with BEAST WITHIN 2 and edit SPACE TRAMPS on the editing side of things. On the RPG side, I've got another PDF setting, Colonial Gothic: Charlotte Haven. I think it will be easy after the first couple months of the year. Or easier, at any rate.