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Admiration: Jason Sizemore

I wanted to say "Happy birthday, Jason!" But, I don't know if that is enough. Let me tell you why I admire and appreciate Jason Sizemore: the man, the author, the publisher.

Jason is a businessman with heart. He really wants what's best for the genre community and he is committed to producing the best books he can. Because of this, Apex Publications is a multi-award winning publishing house. He looks at everything he can and he works with some of the most qualified, enthusiastic people in the business. He loves dark speculative fiction and it shows.

When I met Jason at GenCon 2010, I found him to be quite the southern gentleman. He listened to what I had to say, expressed his opinion and proved himself to be exactly what he portrayed himself to be online: a caring, kind man who loves books, his company and the genre. He has a smile that lights up his face and a drawl that makes you smile in return.

But Jason is more than a businessman and publisher. He is also an author; talented and expressive, his stories are always a joy to read. His dark sense of humor comes through and he makes you want to read more of what he has written.

All of this barely scratches the surface of why I admire and appreciate Jason. So, I can do now is wish him a very happy birthday.