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Busy and Busier

I am home from a hasty roadtrip for a family wedding. Nothing like a 17 hour drive (one way) for a wedding. But, it is the last family wedding for a long time and I got to meet other new in-laws. So, it was worth it. Tiring but good.

However, I had an unusual amount of writer business come through the wires while on this trip--royalty payments, future contract discussions, blurb stuff and more--all of which I was dealing with via my smart phone. Not the ideal situation but made me thankful for the technology.

I came home to find the following review in my email. It's about Rigor Amortis at Shock Totem. They liked my brutal little story.

“Swallow it All,” by Jennifer Brozek, was another notable story, this one in the “Revenge” section. This one was quite short but it managed to provide a truly unlikeable antagonist who has had his wife raised as a zombie. It isn’t made explicit but seems likely that she died after he murdered her. Just enough details are provided about their situation that I couldn’t help but approve when he meets his deserved, and messy, end.

It is always nice to be called out specifically in a good way in an anthology review. It was a nice thing to come home to.

And now, to try to catch up on what needs doing.