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I has it.

I think I'm doing pretty well on the main project on the table right now. I'm 15,000 words in a 25,000 word (or so) novella. It's moving along smoother than I thought it would. As it turns out, I outlined it into 5 acts and a coda. I say coda because it is part of the story, just after the main story is done. It ties up a loose end and isn't an epilogue.

I'm also mentally outlining my next Apex Blog post on anthologies. But really, I'm mostly focused on the novella. I do have a little bit going on the side with my new darling of a novel idea but I really can't get too deep into that. I have an RPG supplement and a web series to get through first. I'm thinking about them on the side, too.

I think I'll need another 2 weeks to finish writing and clean up the novella before it can go out to readers. I'm feeling good about this.