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I have survived Worldcon/RenoSF. I had a good but exhausting time. Some wonderful things happened while here that made me feel like I leveled up in the publishing industry and I'm still riding off of that. So many wonderful people. Too many to count. Must shout out to John Scalzi as one of the nicest guys out there. Thank you for your advice. A second is to Jay Lake. Thank you for your mentorship and encouragement.

There are some good things coming.

Still riding the high of winning the Ennie at GenCon. Some startlingly awesome stuff is coming down the pipeline. More news as I can.

3 weeks and 2 cons = 1 exhausted Jenn. It's going to take me a little bit to recover.

I get to head home tomorrow. I'm so excited. I miss my kitties and my bed.

REMINDER: The Village Books, Bellingham WA - Dark Quest Reading is Sunday, August 28th, at 4pm. Four books and nine authors represented. It is going to be a kick-ass time.