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Continuing On

On the work front, while I got almost nothing done on the current works in progress, I did end up writing a flash fiction piece called "That Bastard Called Hope" that was about a toy brawl in a pediatric ward of a hospital. I even sent it off to a prospective home. Mostly, I puttered around email and did what had to be done.

This included the release of my fourth anthology this year, Space Tramps, from Flying Pen Press. This is a fabulous anthology about the lost people of a space faring society; the hobo, the stowaway, the orphan, the jilly, and the refugee. It's got some great authors including Erik Scott de Bie, Dylan Birtolo, Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Shannon Page.

Beauty Has Her Way received a great review from Bestsellersworld.com. "Beauty Has Her Way is an impressive anthology of short stories about femme fatales that you’ll love to read if you’re a fan of fantastic fantasy and science fiction. Check it out today!"

Work on the Battletech web serial has stalled due to the loss of my Battletech fact checker. I really need someone who know the Battletech universe well and can answer all my questions about mechs, the culture and other such things.

Thus, I am shifting to get the two weird west stories I have due by November 1st done while doing the research on the big secret project codename "DL" for now (mostly because I don't have a real name for it yet). I'd like to return to Battletech next week. We'll see.