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I like to participate in National Novel Writing Month if my schedule allows it. I treat each time I participate as good way to write "draft zero" of a project. Or, as I like to say, to write a 50,000 word outline for the novel in question.

I have just completed my first week of NaNoWriMo and, for the first time, the words are coming almost faster than I can type—and I'm a very fast typist. I have never had a story come this fast or this easy before and I am enjoying the hell out of it, even if I'm forgetting to do just about everything else.

This is the first time I set out to write a YA novel—a sci-fi/horror YA novel. The kind of novel I wanted to read when I was a teen but could not find. The novel is called "If I Die Before I Wake" and I start the novel off by murdered most of South Dakota.

Here are my stats.

Nov 1: 3136 / 3136
Nov 2: 2928 / 6064
Nov 3: 4199 / 10,263
Nov 4: 4755 / 15,018
Nov 5: 5112 / 20,130
Nov 6: 4997 / 25,127
Nov 7: 5178 / 30,305
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