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The End of TEoP

I have just published the last issue of the Edge of Propinquity, issue 72. For six years I have published this magazine of free fiction on time every time (for the most part) through travel, cranky electricity, late authors, and occasional malaise. For a "one year" project, I think I did pretty damn good. I am proud of what I produced.

I have to thank Amber Clark of Stopped Motion Photography—my webmistress and staff photographer—for her tireless work and immediate response to any problem. I also have to thank universe author Ivan Ewert for sticking with me through the six years of publication. Rick Silva was with me for five years. Jim Sullivan for three years. Nick Bergeron for two years. And Ryan Macklin, Seanan McGuire, Kaoline Fire, Peter M. Ball and Alina Pete for one year each.

Producing TEoP was not easy but I loved it. Until I didn't. That was when I realized that it was time to bring this project to a close and work on something new. Knowing when to move on is the best thing a project manager can do for the project. So, the magazine is at an end but the Edge of Propinquity will be around for a while longer.

First, many of the universe story archives will stay around. The guest author stories from 2011 will remain in the archives until the end of 2012. Second, I have intentions of creating a Best of the Edge of Propinquity anthology from the six years of guest author stories.

I have several projects in the works coming up. Some of it involves old TEoP authors. Some of it is just me. I'm looking forward to all of it.

Right now, I don't miss the Edge of Propinquity. I just finished publishing the last issue. It won't be until well into 2012 when I realize that I don't have to work on it any more that I will miss it. Right now, I just feel relief, the promise of future projects, and the potential of the blank page.