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Gravestone Stories

My new column over at Apex is up: Gravestone Stories.

This year for Apex, I wanted to write a column that was not aimed at authors or prospective authors. I wanted to write something for readers that authors could also use. Actually, that's not true. I wanted to write something specifically for readers to enjoy. As it turns out, authors can certainly use what I write about in Gravestone Stories as part of their research or to hang plots on.

I love graveyards and cemeteries. I always have. There are stories in the stone and peace in the air. Jeff took me to a cemetery to see Rucker's Tomb—something of a legend around here—and I found so much more to see and an amazing sense of history of the Everett (Washington) area. I just knew I wanted to do more research into what I found there.

I wasn't sure that Jason would go for it when I pitched the idea but was very pleased at his "That sounds neat!" response. It is neat and I'm really happy to be working on this project. Also, I'm really happy to be working on it with Amber for the pictures. She is a consummate photographer and a hoot to be around. This won't be the only project I work on with her this year.