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Jennifer Brozek

Hugo Awards

I am always of two minds when it comes to awards:

Tooting your own horn for awards is arrogant and unbecoming.
I worked hard this last year. I deserve to be considered for these awards.

This year, I am opting for #2. I have worked hard and I would like to be considered.

I am eligible for the Short Form Editor Hugo award. I edited five anthologies to good reviews, worked with large and small press and I'm really proud of what I have accomplished this last year. If you enjoyed any of the anthologies I edited last year and/or enjoyed working with me on them or The Edge of Propinquity, please consider nominating me for the Short Form Editor Hugo award.

As a reminder, here are the anthologies I edited last year:
• Beauty Has Her Way
• Human Tales
• Beast Within 2
• Space Tramps
• Human for a Day

I sincerely appreciate it.

To vote for 2011 Hugo Awards, you need to have been a member of WorldCon 2011/Renovation SF, be a member of WorldCon 2012/Chicon 7, or become a supporting member of WorldCon 2012.

Finally, I think some other people deserve Hugo Award consideration:

Late Eclipses – Seanan McGuire
Honeyed Words – John Pitts

Countdown – Mira Grant
Kiss Me Twice – Mary Robinette Kowal

Short Story
Cinderella City – Seanan McGuire
The Very Next Day – Jody Lynn Nye
If Dragon’s Mass Eve Be Cold And Clear – Ken Scholes
Band of Bronze – Jean Rabe
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