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Writing Scorecard for 2008

  • New short stories – Goal: 15, Written: 22
  • Submissions – Goal: 12, Submitted: 24 - Accepted: 2, Rejected: 19, Pending: 3
  • New Freaky Friday Fictions: Goal: 21, Written: 21
  • Query Stats: 32 submitted - 15 manuscript requests received, 1 acceptance received, 25 rejections received, 1 pending
  • New Publications: 4

    I did not keep track of my word count this year. That was not as important to me as the specific writing goals that I set for myself this year. I focused a lot more on trying to get published, finishing up one novel, selling another book and searching for an agent. The novel is done. I sold the anthology. The agent search is ongoing but positive.

    I guess my biggest publication news for 2008 was selling my post apocalyptic anthology GRANTS PASS. It comes out in July 2009 from Morrigan Books. That and almost 50% of the agents queried as an agent, or for a specific book, requested manuscripts. That's a pretty good statistic.

    I have set up my writing and editing goals for next year:

  • New submissions: 18+
  • New short stories written: 15+
  • New novels written: 2
  • Written novels edited: 2
  • New RPG assignments received: 6+

    All in all, I think this is a good set of goals for my fiction writing career. It is nice to have quantifiable goals to strive for each year.