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I'm editing a new book manuscript. It includes three novellas for the same character in the same basic story arc written over several years. Sometimes, I look as what I've written and I think, 'Damn, you are good, woman! Look at that turn of phase.' And then, otherwise, I want to weep and think, 'Good God, woman, where did you learn how to write?' Such is the way of editing. This is why it is so important to really edit your work.

Also, despite the promising things happening in my writing career for this year, I got my first rejection of the new year today. Yes, today. It was the kind of rejection that makes me wonder if I forgot to edit the work I sent in or if I sent in the wrong version. You know, the personal rejection that explains why they rejecting the story and it is because of poor writing and awkward phrasing.


Ah, yes. I just love reality checks.

Onward and upward. I have more editing to do.