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I received the PDF of the anthology with a request to proof my own story. Just to make sure there were no glaring errors. There was also light invitation to look at the other stories and to proof them if I wished. I started reading from the beginning with the intent to proof in mind. Within the first story, I forgot all about proofing and settled down to just reading.

I read the entire anthology last night and loved it.

Seriously, I loved 90% of the stories and the one story I had problems with (too much hand waving on how they did what they did and not enough explanation) was so well written that I could forgive the 'f*cking magic' aspect of the story.

It is very rare that I like all stories in a collection. Most collections have a breakdown of 1/3 love, 1/3 neutral, 1/3 hate. In "The World is Dead" I loved 14 of the 17 stories and was neutral on the last three. I think the strongest part of the anthology is first part, subtitled "Work." It is so delightfully twisted and wrong that I couldn't stop.

The anthology is broken out into subsections of "Work," "Family," "Love" and "Life." "Work" is my favorite by far. My story, "A Bite to Remember" is in the "Love" section and I think it is the only story that doesn't have an actual zombie in it, and yet, it is definitely a zombie story.

"The World is Dead" anthology is an excellent collection of awesomely twisted and delightfully wrong stories well worth reading.


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Feb. 11th, 2009 04:16 am (UTC)
The World is Dead
Jennifer--I just came across this post or I would have responded earlier. I was happy to see your kind words about the "Work" section of this anthology as that's where my own story, "Working Man's Burden" is placed.

I, too, think this looks like a very strong anthology--good wring all the way around. I thoroughly enjoyed your own piece in it and am looking forward to seeing the finished product.
Feb. 11th, 2009 06:28 am (UTC)
Re: The World is Dead
You are welcome. I can't wait to see this collection in hard copy.
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