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Goals and Events for 2015

(Crossposted from Jennifer Brozek)

Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I’ve got some goals and plans for 2015. With the amount of travel I have planned, I don’t think I’ll get the same word count I did as 2014. Despite the amount of stuff listed, it’s all doable. I don’t make unrealistic work goals for myself.

To Write

  • Never Let Me Leave, Melissa Allen #2 (finish edits)

  • Never Let Me Die, Melissa Allen #3 (Title tentative)

  • Outline and begin SF YA trilogy

  • 6 short stories (3 are already contracted)

Scheduled to be Published

  • January: Apocalypse Girl Dreaming, fiction collection, Evil Girlfriend Media.

  • February: Colonial Gothic: Roanoke Island, RPG Sourcebook, Rogue Games.

  • March: Chimera Incarnate, Book Four of the Karen Wilson Chronicles, novel, Apocalypse Ink Productions.

  • June: Never Let Me Sleep, Melissa Allen #1, Young adult SF-thriller novel, Permuted Press.

  • December : Never Let Me Leave, Melissa Allen #2, Young adult SF-thriller novel, Permuted Press.

  • TBA: Doc Wagon 19, Shadowrun novella, Catalyst Game Labs.

Convention Events

  • Jan 16-18, RustyCon: panelist, release party.

  • Feb 25-Mar 1, Rainforest writers retreat: 2nd session.

  • Apr 1-5, Norwescon: panelist, dealer.

  • May 22-24, Crypticon: dealer.

  • Jun 3-7, Origins Game Fair: panelist, dealer.

  • Jun 25-29, LepreCon: GoH.

  • July 30-Aug 2, Gen Con: panelist.

  • Aug 19-23, WorldCon: panlist.

  • Nov 6-8, Gamehole, GoH.