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Norwescon Schedule (April 9-12)
These are my pro-panels in and around volunteering for IT and Reg as well as attending the various panels and parties of interest. See you there!

Thursday 8pm - Writer Workshop Critique
We the Hunters, We the Hunted by Jeff Soesbe

Friday 11:00 AM - Writing Magic 101
What rules you need to establish when writing with magic in a story?

Friday 12:00 PM – Rejectomancy
Our panelists will help you divine the meaning of different rejection letters and ways to deal with rejection.

Friday 4:00PM – Women in Gaming
Our all-female panel of gaming professionals discusses the growing presence / awareness of women playing and designing games, and what that means for the future of the Gaming Industry.

Friday 5:00PM – It's Hideous! It's Gruesome! It's…Perfect!
What makes a truly great monster in a game? Our panelists discuss the best of the best in the gaming menagerie (or the worst of the worst, depending on your perspective), with an emphasis on the monsters themselves and not on any particular game systems statistics, and give their expert advice on how to come up with your own creations to set upon those special adventurers in YOUR campaign.

Saturday 11:00 AM - Cruising to the Island of Dr. Moreau
If we could harvest the best abilities of other animals, which would we choose and why? Would they all have to have military applications?

Saturday 1:00 PM - Writer Workshop Critique
The Alligator Watches in His Cell by Thorn Michaels