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Quick Reviews of Elizabethtown

First reaction: I like the layout.

Many game publishers have sadly tended toward "information overload". Two columns, sidebars, insets, etc. etc. I love Steve Jackson, I love GURPS, but reading his books is an ADD's nightmare at times.

This is clean and accessible. Not just accessible to me, but also accessible to people with print disabilities (I think. I need to hand it to diannaamarich later. But it passes every test I have for it. :))

~ talvinamarich

Wow! Both of the other two pdf's were top notch, especially for the price of $1 but this one goes up to 11!

At 40+ pages it's about 1/3 the size of Secrets for less than 1/10 of the price. I really like how it is a microcosm of the setting. Not only are there Freemasons, Royal Society & Rosicrucians present but the factions of the groups as well. This makes it a cinch to tie into pretty much whatever kind of game you have or plan to have.

My only minor criticism is the lack of a map of the town and/or environs. And for the price I am more than willing to forgive it. Maybe I'll see what my google-fu can turn up and post it here if I find anything.

~ Email sent to the publisher yesterday.