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Warm weather, big sale!



The weather has finally turned here in the Bluegrass and it’s put the Apex team in a great mood to celebrate. In honor of Fran Friel’s Stoker nomination, we’re having a big ol’ Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales sale!

There are only five hardcovers remaining from the original print run of 100 and we’ve slashed their prices in half. We’ve also knocked down the price of the TPB to $10.00. We’re also looking to do some ‘Spring Cleaning’ and move out some older inventory.

Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales
HC - $17.50 (half price!)
TPB - $10.00

Aegri Somnia
HC - $14.00
TPB - $7.00 (both half price!

Gratia Placenti
HC - $14.00
TPB - $8.00 (both half price!)

Orgy of Souls
HC - $15.00
TPB - $10.00

Catacombs & Photographs (print run of 100)
Chapbook - $5.00 (half price!)