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Busy Author Lass

It's been a busy time in life and in writing. I just finished up my final edits to the first of what I'm calling my Catalyst trilogy, called "The Thief's Mistake." This morning I finished outlining the second novel called, "The Acolyte's Sacrifice" and put down the first 1000 words. I'll probably get more done later today after I work on paying-bills work. (The third book will be called "The Priest's Revenge.")

The Thief's Mistake synopsis: Dever believes he has made the steal of a lifetime. Unfortunately, no one wants to fence an artifact from an evil goddess known for ritual murder and betrayal. Now, Dever needs to rid himself of 'Sarryn's Heart' before those who are searching for it find it--and him. One small problem. The artifact is alive and has ideas of its own.

The Acolyte's Sacrifice synopsis: In a desperate gamble to save his life and an eternity of torture at the hands of Sarryn's nightmare givers, Dever has become a religious petitioner to the Servants of Sarryn. Despite her hatred of the man who murdered her nee-daughter, Lara, High Priestess Sovella has agreed to take on Dever in order to please her goddess. All the while, Dever's chosen family fights their own demons while attempting to find and help Dever out of the darkness he has fallen into. Unfortunately for all, Dever discovers that he likes being a Servant of Sarryn.

I'm still looking for an agent in order to sell these novels.

So, what are you all up to?