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Apex Author Lottery June 1 - June 30

At Apex, we love dark SF/horror writers so much that we snap up their
souls as often as we can. But just because we own their black little
hearts doesn’t mean we won’t share the darkness with you. From now
through June 30th, we’re holding the Apex Author Lottery. Forget
gambling your paycheck away on scratch tickets with $2 prizes. We’ve
got books, and lots of ‘em. Signed books, limited editions, some with
pleas for help tucked inside, scrawled by authors who think they can
escape into an unwitting reader’s mind. Read them at your own risk.

Own a little piece of a writer’s soul. Check out the prize packages
and enter the lottery featuring your favorite author, editor, or
minion of doom. Oops, sorry, we ate the minions of doom. But we have
authors and editors and prizes galore. Are you a Mama’s Boy? You know
you want a stack from Stoker-nominated writer Fran Friel, including a
signed copy of Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales. Or perhaps you’ve been
stalking Matt Wallace. Get your signed copy of The Next Fix plus Murky
Depths back issues and some personalized verbal abuse from the man
behind them all. And speaking of abuse, if you’re an aspiring writer
you can enter the Jason Sizemore lottery and wind up with a brutal but
insightful critique of one of your short stories, plus a stack of
magazines and a signed copy of Webs of Discord.

The Apex Author Lottery is part of an effort to raise awareness of the
great variety of talent available in small press science fiction and

Visit http://gentlyused.myshopify.com and be tempted!