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GenCon Schedule

Come see me and give me some love. I could use it. :)

Jennifer Brozek's GenCon Schedule (August 13-16)

Thursday through Sunday - Author's Avenue when not speaking on panels.

Thursday 10am - Pitching to Game Companies – Marriott – Santa Fe
Got a great idea for the next hot role-playing game? Or do you want to land some freelance work from one of your favorite game companies? Panelists give advice on how to market your ideas and how to go about getting freelance contracts.

Thursday 2pm - What Writers Can Learn From Wargamers – Marriott – Santa Fe
Want to add or improve the military flavor in your stories? Join us to discuss how playing games and learning strategy and tactics can help you figure out where the hero is and where the villain is, and how you can draw on battle tactics to put some ooomph in their meeting.

Thursday 3pm - What Gamers Can Learn From Writers – Marriott – Santa Fe
What is a hook, and why do I need it? How can I get my players really involved in my story? Join us for a panel discussion of what GMs can learn from writers, including tips on how to write your next adventure.

Thursday 4pm - Pick My Brain – Marriott - Phoenix
She’s written fiction and game material for enough years to be called a veteran! Jennifer Brozek is ready to offer advice on both writing fields, discuss her experiences working with Margaret Weis, and answer questions that aren’t from the fields of physics or nuclear medicine.


Friday 2pm - Building Tension – Marriott – Santa Fe
Creating a level of tension in any genre is important if you want to hold a reader’s attention. We’ll discuss some of the strategies for putting readers on the edge of their seat and keep them turning the pages.

Friday 3pm - Blood, Sweat, and Fears – Marriott – Santa Fe
How can you send shivers down your readers’ backs? What is evil, and how can you portray it? Together, let’s discover those things that go bump-in-the-night. Learn how to send shivers down the spines of your readers. You don’t have to write in the horror genre to deliver a really good scare.


Sunday 8am - Pimping and Schmoozing – Marriott - Lincoln
Sometimes getting published is being in the right place at the right time with the right pitch. Our panelists go over the ins and outs of self promotion and how to approach that editor, agent, or publisher without seeming pushy or obnoxious.

Sunday 9am - Going to the Market – Marriott - Lincoln
So you’ve got a manuscript, and you want to sell it . . . but where? We’ll look at markets for novels, short stories, and articles. And we’ll teach you how to search for hungry marketplaces you can pitch to. We’ll even give you a list of publications that will help.


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Aug. 11th, 2009 05:37 pm (UTC)
Looks like a busy schedule. Don't forget to have fun too :)
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