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Appearances: Foolscap, Sep 25-27, Updated

Another panel has been added.


I will be attending Foolscap on Friday and Saturday as a panelist. Below is my schedule. Feel free to come by and say hello.

Fri 9-10:30 pm - Which Stories Matter? The world contains an infinite number of stories; some pass by and are gone, while others are revisited over and over. Which stories matter to us? To the world? To the future? What makes a story important?
Jennifer Brozek (M)
David Levine
Nick Fraser
Mark Ferrari
Amy Thomson

Fri 10:30-11 pm - Strut Your Stuff - Jennifer Brozek: Reading
(I am not certain what I will be reading yet. It may be something from "In a Gilded Light" or my story from the "Grants Pass" anthology.)

Sat 11 am - noon - Clothing as character: Does a character's clothing change your view of the character? Can clothing flesh out a character? Can there be too much description, so that the clothes are wearing the character instead? In this panel, we'll discuss how to use descriptions of clothing effectively to enrich characters and stories.
Karen G Anderson(M)
Corry Lee
Jennifer Brozek
John Alexander

Sat 1:30-2:30 pm - Collaboration Panel What's it take to collaborate on a single story? How do two or more writers get in sync enough to actually produce a collaboration that's publishable? What are the advantages and pitfalls of collaborating? Experienced authors advise and commiserate.
Jay Lake (M)
Shannon Page
Jennifer Brozek
Jack Skillingstead

Sat 3-4:40 pm - The Next Great Plague In 2009, the world is officially facing two worldwide pandemics, H1N1 influenza and HIV/AIDS. In the past, there have been cholera, other influenzas, plagues, and poxes; the future may contain viral hemorrhagic fevers and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. What's the next thing that's likely to make us all sick, and what can we do about it? If you want to write about pandemics, what's plausible?
Torrey Podmajersky (M)
Eric Yarnell
Manny Frishberg
Jennifer Brozek


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Sep. 18th, 2009 05:01 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you've a busy day ahead. Good luck with the reading :)
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