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How you can support Apex Magazine


How you can support Apex Magazine
by Jason Sizemore

After yesterday’s post asking for reader feedback about a ’subscription’ option to Apex Magazine, I received many emails of support. Apex Magazine has a large base of loyal fans willing to toss a coin in the hat to keep the ‘zine going. It was a nice boost of confidence.

To that end, we will go forward with the ’subscription’ plan. One reader commented to me that it’s like donating to NPR…you make a token payment to keep the content free (and alive). I liked that comparison because I’m a big NPR junkie! Via the Apex Book Store you’ll be able to make your annual subscription donation. Anyone subscribing for $25 or more will receive a copy of Descended From Darkness: Apex Magazine Vol I.

I’ll keep a subscriber database like I did back in the Apex Digest days. On a yearly basis, I’ll remind you that your subscription is up.

Alternatively, you can straight up order a copy of Descended From Darkness for $18.95. All profits from the sales of the book goes straight into the Apex Magazine fund.

Thank you for all the great feedback. Looks like Apex Magazine will be around for quite awhile!