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I will be at OryCon this year as a pro-panelist and as part of the Apex Book Company table in the Dealers room. Not only that, I'm going to be selling GRANTS PASS anthologies there as well. (I just realized that I need to do flyers about upcoming books... I have six scheduled to come out in 2010.)

Come out and see me and the rest of the OryCon Apex crew. We'd love to talk with you.

OryCon Programming Schedule

Friday, Nov 27, 4-5pm: Bribing Your Muse

When ideas fail to materialize. Having trouble thinking up new story ideas? What to do when your muse skips town. - Bruce Taylor, Jennifer Brozek, Elton Elliott, Rebecca Neason

Friday, Nov 27, 5-6pm: Stalking the wild anthology - tips for success
How to get invitations to anthologies, and once you`re in, how to balance standing out vs. fitting with the anthology, how stories work in the grand scheme of total word count, and other anthology lore. - Kal Cobalt, Jennifer Brozek, William F. Nolan, Mary Robinette Kowal, Rhea Rose

Friday, Nov 27, 6-7pm: The physics of magic
Writers often talk about magic systems and magic having a cost. It's fantasy--can't you do anything you want? Should magic hold to a law of conservation of energy? The nuts and bolts of magic in fantasy, and what readers want or don't want to see. - Brenna, Christopher Lester, Jennifer Brozek, Blake Hutchins


Saturday, Nov 27, 11:30am-12pm: Reading
I will be reading from my upcoming collection: "In a Gilded Light"

Saturday, Nov 27, 12pm-1pm: Accounting for writers, artists and fen
Paperwork, Taxes and the IRS. Who gets paid what? Who deducts what? Can I really write off that trip to Belize and do I have to keep every receipt? When can I start treating some of my hobbies and start-ups as real businesses? - John Hedtke, Jennifer Brozek, Phoebe Kitanidis, Richard A. Lovett

Saturday, Nov 27, 1pm-2pm: My villain is too mwa ha ha. Help!
How to make your antagonists more than a cackling evil caricature without turning them into marshmallows. - Alma Alexander, Jennifer Brozek, Christopher Lester, Elton Elliott, Louise Marley/Toby Bishop

Saturday, Nov 27, 3pm-4pm: Writing for the RPG industry
A how-to workshop. - Rhiannon Louve, Michelle Lyons, Jennifer Brozek, Anthony Pryor

Saturday, Nov 27, 8pm-9pm: Self-Publishing, Indie and Vanity
What are the differences between self-publishing, independent publishing and vanity publishing? How do writers produce successful books outside the traditional publishing process? - Patrick Swenson, Jennifer Brozek, Elton Elliott, Doug Odell


Sunday, Nov 28, 1pm-2pm: All our cats are green
Exploration of everyday applications of science fiction technology in the lives of Joe-average characters. What are the societal consequences of transporters, and do you really want to go there with your story? What if all major diseases were conquered, or all people were immortal? - Elton Elliott, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jennifer Brozek, David W. Goldman, Richard A. Lovett


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Nov. 11th, 2009 11:25 pm (UTC)
Have a great time :)
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