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Highlights of RadCon

A convention is always an example of chaos in motion. Some people could not make it to RadCon 2010 and were very much missed but we had fun with the people there. It is impossible to say everything that happened but some of the highlights were:

I finally got to meet editor/anthologist and Empress of the short story, Ellen Datlow. She was just wonderful. Funny, well spoken, thoughtful and willing to discuss both sides of an issue.

(Ellen Datlow and Jennifer Brozek at RadCon2010)

Tim and Linda Kirk were at the convention. Tim and I were GoHs at BayCon 2009 together. We met up several times, had lunch together, they came to my reading and really liked my stories. Even better, I now have a reason to figure out how to write comic scripts from my stories. I made sure to get a print of the "Gray Havens" that Tim did.

The Small Press Room and Patrick Swenson. We ended up hosting the Small Press Room together. I sold a third of my stock of GRANTS PASS and helped with the Small Press Party on Saturday night. It was cool to see so many people from the convention circuit and from online. The party was quite the hit (I heard we were the only party that had beer) and went on long after I went to bed.

(Jennifer Brozek and Bad Agent Sydney at the Small Press Party. Ann Wilkes
is in the background with a fabulous hat. RadCon2010.)

As always, Jeff was my bedrock even with both of us sick with (not contagious) tracheitis. Plus, we exchanged our Valentine Day gifts just before the con and that put me in a great mood.


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Feb. 16th, 2010 01:29 am (UTC)
Awesome. I want that hat. I am glad you got to meet Ellen.
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