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An Icelandic volcano was not on the line

I have to admit, when amandapillar and I were hashing out the end of the world backstory for our award winning Grants Pass anthology [Amazon | Kindle | Morrigan Books], we never, ever thought to discuss Iceland's active volcano blowing its top and causing all the havoc it is causing now. Part of me wishes we had.


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Apr. 18th, 2010 11:24 pm (UTC)
Part of me wishes we had.

Heh. Trust me, you don't.

It feels weird to have accidentally accurately predicted a disaster. If you have access to the Vampire: The Requiem book City of the Damned: New Orleans, take a look at the sidebar detailing what might happen to the city in a hurricane--and then compare it to what actually happened during Katrina.

Yeah, I wrote that sidebar based on research, so I shouldn't be surprised it proved mostly accurate--but still, after the storm, I spent a little while feeling really conflicted about having written that. :-}
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