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Jul. 2nd, 2018

The Jennifer Award for June 2018 goes to "Daddy's Girl" by Jennifer R. Donohue. Congrats!

May. 3rd, 2018

Bubble & Squeek: Articles, Interviews, and Reviews! Mostly about TO FIGHT THE BLACK WIND and THE NELLUS ACADEMY INCIDENT.
Her malady—nightmares that left her bloody—seemed, at first, to be a common self-harm complex. Then I looked at the wounds. The mind is powerful, but I have never seen the mind create wounds like these. Little did I know her wounds were just the first of many mysteries I would face while caring for Josephine.

Apr. 2nd, 2018

The Jennifer Award for March 2018 is the Alastair Stone Chronicles by R.L. King!

Mar. 26th, 2018

Bubble & Squeek - Blogs and interviews and my Norwescon schedule! Come see me.
Blog: More Hugo Recommendations. Since I survived my tax appointment, I wanted to share the love! http://www.jenniferbrozek.com/blog/post/More-Hugo-Recommendations.aspx
Blog. A bit more about TO FIGHT THE BLACK WIND. Shout out to Johanna.

Feb. 7th, 2018

Bubble & Squeek for today... Articles, awards, reviews, and pre-orders!