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Jan. 29th, 2019

Blog: Declutter Monday for 28 Jan 2019. Finished the bathroom, hall closet, and my office in the most painful way--both mentally and physically. Weirdly, I feel like I want to #declutter the upstairs again before I head downstairs. I'm not. Next week, I attack the kitchen.


Shadowrun Sprawl Stories, Volume 1 in ebook and trade. Features four novellas from stellar Shadowrun authors: “Neat” by Russell Zimmerman, “DocWagon 19” by Jennifer Brozek, “Big Dreams” by R. L. King, "Blind Magic” by Dylan Birtolo! Thirty years of Shadowrun!
Blog: Declutter Monday for 21 Jan 2019. I got help from the Husband so we tackled something that needed a lot of his input: the Library/Reading Nook/China hutch area. It is stunning how much crap can hide behind a couch.
Blog: Declutter Monday for 14 Jan 2019. This Declutter Monday was dedicated to the Cat Room AKA the Bonus / Exercise / AIP Book storage Room. This “catch all” room has been the eyesore of the house since I moved in. And even though it took its sacrifice, we vanquished it!
Blog: Declutter Monday for 7 Jan 2019. I had five thoughts about what happened in my brain and heart while I started the New Year of Decluttering and forcing myself to take time away from the computer/work.

Jan. 1st, 2019

Blog: The Plan for 2019. Writing/Editing. Expanding my creative horizons. Travel. Personal growth.
The Jennifer Award for December 2018 is “On the Day You Spend Forever with Your Dog” by Adam R. Shannon.

Nov. 30th, 2018

Blog: The November winner of the Jennifer Award is “The Shaman’s Tale” by Ari Marmell. It’s a free story that Ari posted just because. I'm a sucker for origin myth stories and this is a good one.

Nov. 29th, 2018

Blog: Perimenopause Rant. This is a rant. It's blunt. It's open. It's honest.